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shelled and riddled

Consider a shell game with three shells and a ball where only the location of the shell with the ball is exchanged with the location of an empty shell, randomly...continue reading.

Goats do room

The riddle of the week is about 10 goats sequentially moving to their room, which they have chosen at random and independently (among ten rooms), unless another goat already occupies...continue reading.

Bayes Rules! [book review]

Bayes Rules! is a new introductory textbook on Applied Bayesian Model(l)ing, written by Alicia Johnson (Macalester College), Miles Ott (Johnson & Johnson), and Mine Dogucu (University of California Irvine). Textbook...continue reading.

Bayes in Riddler mode

A very classical (textbook) question on the Riddler on inferring the contents of an urn from an Hypergeometric experiment: You have an urn with N  red and white balls, but...continue reading.

useR! 2022 [all virtual]

This article is originally published at Thanks for visiting This article is originally published at Please visit source website for post related comments.continue reading.

Bayesian sampling without tears

Following a question on Stack Overflow trying to replicate a figure from the paper written by Alan Gelfand and Adrian Smith (1990) for The American Statistician, Bayesian sampling without tears,...continue reading.

truncated mixtures

A question on X validated about EM steps for a truncated Normal mixture led me to ponder whether or not a more ambitious completion [more ambitious than the standard component...continue reading.

null recurrent = zero utility?

The stability result that the ratio converges holds for a Harris π-null-recurrent Markov chain for all functions f,g in L¹(π) [Meyn & Tweedie, 1993, Theorem 17.3.2] is rather fascinating. However,...continue reading.

The Mondrianomies

The Moonies are up on their mountain, the lunatics have taken over the asylum, waiting on the rapture (The Daily Mail, Radiohead) I have not write any post lately, maybe...continue reading.

extinction minus one

The riddle from The Riddler of 19 Feb. is about the Bernoulli Galton-Watson process, where each individual in the population has one or zero descendant with equal probabilities: Starting with...continue reading.