R-CRAFT.ORG is mainly designed to help R programmer with their own blogs to distribute their work through us. However, we also encourage high quality articles from people who do not have their own blog to distribute their work through R-CRAFT to a broader audiance.

R blog

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Individual article

Individual articles can be sent to us through emails to info|at|r-craft|dot|org. Please consider the following to send us individual article:
  • Article is written in English.
  • Article is about R and is produced by myself or improved significantly from the existing work (preferably with acknowledgement).
  • The article includes reproducible code for new users.
  • Author name and any source link.

Support us

  • You are welcom to support us through featuring your posts, workshops, educational programs, events, conferences, jobs etc. with a banners on our website.
  • We are happy to feature educational institutions or NGOs/NPOs with limited budgets at no cost.
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