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In practice, GRNN is very similar to GAM (Generalized Additive Models) in the sense that they both shared the flexibility of approximating non-linear functions. In the example below, both GRNN...continue reading.

Partial Dependence Plot (PDP) of GRNN

The function grnn.margin() ( was my first attempt to explore the relationship between each predictor and the response in a General Regression Neural Network, which usually is considered the Black-Box...continue reading.

Merge MLP And CNN in Keras

In the post (, it was shown how to build a merge-layer DNN by using the Keras Sequential model. In the example below, I tried to scratch a merge-layer DNN...continue reading.

Colonizing Franky

Y otra vez me arranco despacito, al sentir que nada necesito (Locura transitoria, Extremoduro) One of my favorite sites in the Internet is algorithmic botany . It’s always a source...continue reading.