Category: Programming

Flotsam 17: maps

Tiling is one of the big pieces to put together nice, interactive maps. How The Post is replacing Mapbox with open source solutions describe the tech behind solving this problem...continue reading.

Flotsam 16: neovim

Just to remember where things are in my neovim installation in MacOS: The init file follows the structure presented in here: pointing to the location of the plugins as:continue reading.

Updating Style Guide

After much deliberation, I have updated my personal R code style guide to no longer mandate functions begin with uppercase letters. While I still feel there is value in being...continue reading.

Recreational programming

I think programming, aka coding, is a fun activity. We are solving a problem subject to a set of constraints that can be time, memory, quantity of code, language, etc....continue reading.

tinytest 1.2.4 is on CRAN

Version 1.2.4 of tinytest arrived on CRAN at 17 December 2020. This release has a couple of new features. You can specify the library location in test_package with lib.loc. New...continue reading.