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Updating Style Guide

After much deliberation, I have updated my personal R code style guide to no longer mandate functions begin with uppercase letters. While I still feel there is value in being...continue reading.

tinytest 1.2.4 is on CRAN

Version 1.2.4 of tinytest arrived on CRAN at 17 December 2020. This release has a couple of new features. You can specify the library location in test_package with lib.loc. New...continue reading.

gower 1.2.2 is on CRAN

R package gower was accepted on CRAN on 23 june 2020. This release fixes an edge case, affecting cases with a small number of records and a large number of...continue reading.

tinytest 1.2.2 is on CRAN

The tinytest package was accepted on CRAN at 18 june. This release improves the build_install_test() function with two extra arguments that were previously missing, as reported by Patrick Breheny. Meanwhile,...continue reading.

tinytest 1.2.0 is on CRAN

tinytest is a relatively new, light-weight (no-dependency) but full-featured unit testing framework for R. It is currently used by 60+ packages, including the famous Rcpp package. The latest version of...continue reading.