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Recreational programming

I think programming, aka coding, is a fun activity. We are solving a problem subject to a set of constraints that can be time, memory, quantity of code, language, etc....continue reading.

tinytest 1.2.4 is on CRAN

Version 1.2.4 of tinytest arrived on CRAN at 17 December 2020. This release has a couple of new features. You can specify the library location in test_package with lib.loc. New...continue reading.

gower 1.2.2 is on CRAN

R package gower was accepted on CRAN on 23 june 2020. This release fixes an edge case, affecting cases with a small number of records and a large number of...continue reading.

tinytest 1.2.2 is on CRAN

The tinytest package was accepted on CRAN at 18 june. This release improves the build_install_test() function with two extra arguments that were previously missing, as reported by Patrick Breheny. Meanwhile,...continue reading.

tinytest 1.2.0 is on CRAN

tinytest is a relatively new, light-weight (no-dependency) but full-featured unit testing framework for R. It is currently used by 60+ packages, including the famous Rcpp package. The latest version of...continue reading.