Category: R News

censored 0.1.0

We’re extremely pleased to announce the first release of censored on CRAN. The censored package is a parsnip extension package for survival models. You can install it from CRAN with:...continue reading.

shelled and riddled

Consider a shell game with three shells and a ball where only the location of the shell with the ball is exchanged with the location of an empty shell, randomly...continue reading.

R Weekly 2022-W32

Hello and welcome to this new issue! How to have (my) content shared by R Weekly? This week’s release was curated by Batool Almarzouq, with help from the R Weekly...continue reading.

rsample 1.1.0

We’re downright exhilarated to announce the release of rsample 1.1.0. The rsample package makes it easy to create resamples for estimating distributions and assessing model performance. You can install it...continue reading.