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We’re tickled pink to announce the release of desirability2 (version 0.0.1). You can install it from CRAN with: install.packages("desirability2") This blog post will introduce you to the package and desirability...continue reading.

operation precisely impossible

Since the solution to the previous riddle from The Riddler on the maximum of  different terms in the composed operation a∅b∅c∅d∅e∅f depending on the bracketing ordering and the meaning of...continue reading.

Bio7 3.5 Released

06.05.2023 A new release of Bio7 is available.The application Bio7 is a free and open-source integrated development environment for ecological modeling, scientific image analysis and statistical analysis. Beside other programming...continue reading.

operation impossible

A riddle from The Riddler on how many different numbers one could at most produce from six initial values and the four basic operations. In other words, how many values...continue reading.