Category: R News

bigrquery 1.5.0

We’re stoked to announce the release of bigrquery 1.4.2. bigrquery makes it easy to work with data stored in Google BigQuery, a hosted database for big data. You can install...continue reading.

withr 3.0.0

It’s not without jubilant bearing that we announce the release of the 3.0.0 version of withr, the tidyverse solution for automatic cleanup of resources! In this release, the internals of...continue reading.

roxygen2 7.3.0

We’re well pleased to announce the release of roxygen2 7.3.0. roxygen2 allows you to write specially formatted R comments that generate R documentation files (man/*.Rd) and the NAMESPACE file. roxygen2...continue reading.

R Weekly 2024-W02

Hello and welcome to this new issue! How to have (my) content shared by R Weekly? This week’s release was curated by Eric Nantz, with help from the R Weekly...continue reading.