Author: hrbrmstr

Foliage 2023

The days are getting shorter and when we were visiting Down East Maine the other week, there was just a hint of some trees starting to change up their leaf...continue reading.


WebR 0.1.0 was released! I had been git-stalking George (the absolute genius who we all must thank for this) for a while and noticed the GH org and repos being...continue reading.

2022 Hanukkah of Data • Puzzle 2

Ref: library(tidyverse) cust <- read_csv(“~/Downloads/noahs-csv/noahs-customers.csv”) orders_items <- read_csv(“~/Downloads/noahs-csv/noahs-orders_items.csv”) orders <- read_csv(“~/Downloads/noahs-csv/noahs-orders.csv”) products <- read_csv(“~/Downloads/noahs-csv/noahs-products.csv”) orders_items |> left_join(products) -> oip orders |> left_join(oip) -> orders orders |> filter( 2017 ==...continue reading.