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R Weekly 2024-W16

Hello and welcome to this new issue! How to have (my) content shared by R Weekly? This week’s release was curated by Tony ElHabr, with help from the R Weekly...continue reading.

Chat with AI in RStudio

Interact with Github Copilot and OpenAI’s GPT (ChatGPT) models directly in RStudio. The `chattr` Shiny add-in makes it easy for you to interact with these and other Large Language Models...continue reading.

webR 0.3.1

5x height * [x] [`hugodown::use_tidy_thumbnails()`]( * [x] Add intro sentence, e.g. the standard tagline for the package * [x] [`usethis::use_tidy_thanks()`]( * [x] Update all 0.3.0-rc0 references to 0.3.1 –> We’re...continue reading.