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We’re RStudio Certified!

We’re RStudio Certified! Big news. RStudio recently started certifying trainers in three areas: the tidyverse, Shiny and teaching. To be certified to teach a topic you have to pass the...continue reading.

R wins COPSS Award!

Hadley Wickham from RStudio has won the 2019 COPSS Award, which expresses a rather radical switch from the traditional recipient of this award in that this recognises his many contributions...continue reading.

Dash has gone full R

This is a reblog from the “Announcing Dash for R” announcement originally published July 10. Dash, the fastest growing framework for building analytic web applications on top of Python models, is...continue reading.

Rcrastinate is moving.

Hi all, this is just an announcement.I am moving Rcrastinate to a blogdown-based solution and am therefore leaving If you’re interested in the new setup and how you could...continue reading.