Author: Sara

An easy to convert list to long table

 Say you have a list with different lengths of vectors, e.g. > head(genesets_list)$KEGG_GLYCOLYSIS_GLUCONEOGENESIS [1] “ACSS2”   “GCK”     “PGK2”    “PGK1”    “PDHB”    “PDHA1”   “PDHA…continue reading.

EASE vs. Fisher’s exact test

EASE is a modified version of Fisher’s exact test. It’s used in DAVID. We are often asked about their difference. Here is. From DAVID website: Hypothetical Example In…continue reading.

A bug related to R factor

Note a bug in my code today. Sometimes you need to put a certain level (e.g. healthy control) in the first position for your covariance. Here is my old code:dds[[variable]]=factor(dds[[variable]])levels(dds[[variable]])= union(variable_REF,...continue reading.