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Transformers, glue!

General description of transformers functionality in {glue} with some potentially useful examples. Prologue Package {glue} is designed as “small, fast, dependency free” tools to “glue strings to data in R”....continue reading.

Tao of Tidygraph

Analysis of one interesting alliance graph within tidy network analysis framework. Quite some time ago I read the fantastic “Tao Te Programming” book by Patrick Burns. You can know this...continue reading.

Usage of ruler package

Usage examples of ruler package: dplyr-style exploration and validation of data frame like objects. Prologue My previous post tells a story about design of my ruler package, which presents tools...continue reading.

Store Data About Rows

Introduction to keyholder package. Tools for keeping track of information about rows. During development of my other R package (ruler), I encountered the following problem: how to track rows of...continue reading.

Mythical Generic Overhead

Computational overhead analysis of using generic+method approach instead of if-else sequence and switch statement. Earlier this week I came across this tweet from Thomas (author of many useful and powerful...continue reading.

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