Author: January

rmd syntax highlighting in vim

Quick and dirty Rmarkdown syntax highlighting for vim, when you don’t have time install bundles, plugins or dependencies: go to this github repository, download the file rmd.vim from the syntax/...continue reading.

Invert a list / map

Often we use lists to map keywords onto values, for example To invert this list (such that “fark”, “bark” etc. become keywords, and “a”, “b” and “c” the values), do...continue reading.

Using caret

A caret call I frequently use. Given that x is training data and y response, library(doMC) and registerDoMC allow me to use more than one processor repeatedcv: if more than...continue reading.

R, shiny and source()

This one cost me more time to figure out than it should have. The reason being, it turns out that I never properly understood what the source() function does. So...continue reading.

All my life

Here is a little script to show you your life. In weeks. Each point is a week. Each black point is a week that you have already spent. The number...continue reading.

Scientific Editor

I have a dream: a scientific editor that would be suitable for editing scientific papers. Currently, Word is king. There is no way around it: everybody has it, everybody uses...continue reading.