Author: Articles on Tidyverse

discrim 0.0.1

The new package discrim contains parsnip bindings for additional classification models, including: Linear discriminant analysis (LDA, simple and L2 regularized) Regularized discriminant analysis (RDA, via Friedman (1989)) Flexible discriminant analys…continue reading.

devtools 2.2.1

Introduction devtools 2.2.1 is now on CRAN! devtools makes package development easier by providing R functions that simplify and expedite common tasks. R Packages is a book based around this...continue reading.

gmailr v1.0.0

Introduction gmailr v1.0.0 ( is now on CRAN! gmailr wraps the Gmail REST API v3. It provides a variety of funcitons to query your mailbox and create and send new...continue reading.

googledrive v1.0.0

Introduction We’re jazzed to announce the release of googledrive v1.0.0 ( googledrive wraps the Drive REST API v3. The most common file operations are implemented in high-level functions designed for...continue reading.

dplyr 0.8.2

Introduction We’re delighted to announce the release of dplyr 0.8.2 on CRAN ? ! This is a minor maintenance release in the 0.8.* series, addressing a collection of issues since...continue reading.