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R is for actuaRies

Dr Maria Prokofieva is a member of the R / Business working group which is promoting the use of R in accounting, auditing, and actuarial work. She is also a...continue reading.

Bayes Rules! [book review]

Bayes Rules! is a new introductory textbook on Applied Bayesian Model(l)ing, written by Alicia Johnson (Macalester College), Miles Ott (Johnson & Johnson), and Mine Dogucu (University of California Irvine). Textbook...continue reading.

R Weekly 2022-W27

Hello and welcome to this new issue! How to have (my) content shared by R Weekly? This week’s release was curated by Tony ElHabr, with help from the R Weekly...continue reading.

bonsai 0.1.0

We’re super stoked to announce the first release of the bonsai package on CRAN! bonsai is a parsnip extension package for tree-based models. You can install it from CRAN with:...continue reading.