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Wind Resource Assessment

This is an article we recently published on “Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews”. It starts with a thorough review of the methods used for wind resource assessment: from algorithms based...continue reading.

Not so sweet sixteen!

In the world of big data and real-time analytics, Microsoft users are still living with the constraints of the bygone days of little data and basic numeracy.If you happen to...continue reading.

Model Segmentation with Cubist

Cubist is a tree-based model with a OLS regression attached to each terminal node and is somewhat similar to mob() function in the Party package ( Below is a demonstrate...continue reading.

Fractional Logit Model with Python

In [1]: import pandas as pd In [2]: import statsmodels.api as sm In [3]: data = pd.read_table(‘/home/liuwensui/Documents/data/csdata.txt’) In [4]: Y = data.LEV_LT3 In [5]: X = sm.add_constant(data[[‘COLLAT1’, ‘SIZE1’, ‘PROF2’, ‘LIQ’,...continue reading.