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Cheat Sheets

In a previous post, I described how I was captivated by the virtual landscape imagined by the RStudio education team while looking for resources on the RStudio website. In this...continue reading.

2021 R Conferences

It is not yet clear what lasting impact the Covid-19 pandemic will ultimately have on R conferences. We are still adapting to our inability to attend large events, and trying...continue reading.

R Interface for MiniZinc

Akshit Achara is a medical device engineer and computer science enthusiast based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. You can connect with Akshit on LinkedIn. Constraint programming is a paradigm for solving...continue reading.

SEM Time Series Modeling

Andrea Luciani is a Technical Advisor for the Directorate General for Economics, Statistics and Research at the Bank of Italy, and co-author of the bimets package. Structural Equation Models (SEM),...continue reading.

Wonderful Wednesdays

For almost a year now, the PSI Visualization Special Interest Group (VIS SIG) has been conducting a monthly graduate-level seminar on creating effective statistical visualizations that is open to everyone....continue reading.

Plotting Surfaces with R

In this post, I’d like to review some basic options for plotting three dimensional surfaces in R. In addition to producing some eye catching visualizations, plotting surfaces can also help...continue reading.